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Key Features

■ Products come from Taiwanese good health food fermentation     
   and extraction manufacturing plant. 
■ The advanced natural patent raw material is adopted.
■ The materials used won the national quality mark SNQ's affirmance as
   a healthy material.
■ Help the normal development of teeth and bones.

Vitamin D can enhance calcium absorption!  Edible for vegetarians.
It has gotten quality certification of ISO9001.2008/ ISO-22000.2005 and HACCP international quality certification and also passes a number of safety testing.  Free Aflatoxin, western medicine or heavy metals. You are assured this is 100% Taiwan manufactured.  

※Special note:
1. Please do not take more than 4 capsules per day.  It will be useless for over
    that suggested volume. .
2. Please consult to a medicine professional in case a special physiology.
3. Please be stored on a place children can't easily reach it.  

※Be stored to a cool place, the shelf life is 3 years.

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